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About SolarCo

SolarCo has been in business since 2013 (ABN number 86163883850) and we have our own team of CEC accredited installers. We pride ourselves in attention to details, hard work and most importantly only premium products will be used. Based in Brisbane, our solar team has successfully installed thousands of solar systems for residentials, commercials, council projects and solar farms. We could even arrange finance or even our Solar Evergreen deals (PPAs) to all our customers, meaning no deposit, zero maintenance and you only pay what the solar system can generate.

Time to save for your next holiday and bye bye to your electricity bills!!

Investing in solar is a long-term goal, it could return an investment of 33% a year. Besides Bitcoin/EFT (high volatility), why put your money in the bank while only generating less than 1% interest? Going with solar will save your money towards your next holiday and contribute our effort to save the world. Do it today for this generation and our next generation.

Getting a system is not that expensive anymore, given the generosity of our government. We all should put an effort together to save our planet. Think about it, it could cost less than the newest TV/fridges or even an iphone.

Drop us an email or phone us to obtain a free quote. We are people company and will come to do a home inspection before you sign your contract. We are not like many digital companies that sell you a system without looking at your home. After all, you will not want to install a poor quality/ bad workmanship system onto your valuable home. We are definitely not the cheapest solar retailers but we have our own in-house installation teams that will do a better job. We pride ourselves with our work and we do not just use any subcontractors.

Luke Elliot

General Manager- Solar Installer - CEC Accredited


Luke our General manager is one of the best in the industry. He got a strong background of domestic and commercial electrical experience. With his thrive to learn new things he found a good home in the solar industry. Luke's back ground in managing large projects and his attention to detail makes him a real star!
  • Quality Assurance
  • Only Tier 1 products
  • 24/7 service
  • 10 years workmanship
  • Own Installer team (CEC Installer)
  • Local Brisbane Team
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